In summer 2010 FDT received funding from the Climate Challenge Fund. This allowed for the placement of an Energy Advisor and an Enterprise Project manager. This enabled FDT, for the first time, to provide homeowners in Fintry, with a bespoke energy advice service, focusing on the most suitable energy saving and renewable energy heating systems for homes on an individual requirement basis. FDT worked closely with 35 homes in particular, of which 22 of them went on to install renewable energy systems.  6 Ground Source Heat Pumps, 7 Air Source Heat Pumps, 3 4kW Solar PV arrays, 5 solar thermal arrays, 2 16kW wind turbines and 3 domestic biomass.

This led onto further investigation of other avenues of energy saving in the community. FDT also helped fund the installation of an outdoor woodland classroom at Fintry primary school.