Cycle Fintry



The Cycle Fintry Bikes where awarded to the Fintry community on behalf of Cycle
Scotland Communities Scheme. The availability of quality bikes in Fintry will mean
access to a healthy and fun mode of transport which will ultimately help to
reduce Fintry’s carbon footprint. This project also includes a number of other
initiatives which are aimed at encouraging individuals to get out and get
cycling – so keep an eye out for fun cycling activities.

What could joining do for you?

Cycle Fintry is designed to work with our existing FEET car club service. It means that both bikes and cars can be used simultaneously. This allows for the opportunity of driving to local beauty spots and making use of the bikes while there. Alternatively you could become a member solely to access the bikes within our bike bank.


Our members have access to a range of high quality branded bikes. Bikes are maintained to the highest quality to ensure our members safety and enjoyment. Our members even have access to a range of safety equipment. We encourage use of helmets and safety equipment for every use. Our easy online booking system means the bikes can be booked at a moment’s notice whenever you require. Our members also have full access to our electric bikes.


If you are already a FEET car club member –either full or short term- membership to Cycle Fintry bikes is included within that package.

Alternatively you can join the Cycle Fintry service as an individual for just £5 per year. A member can borrow more than one bike however they are entirely responsible for all the bikes that they borrow. Download Cycle Fintry membership form

Who can join?

Anyone can join to use the Cycle Fintry service. All members have to be over 18 years old. A parent or guardian can hire a bike for a person under the age of 18. However it is the parent or guardian who is responsible for the bike.

How to join?

If you would like to join please complete the membership application form. Once completed please arrange to meet with one of our FEET operators/FDT staff who will take you through the process of using the bikes. Once your membership has been approved you will be given a username and password to book the bikes via You are then ready to cycle!

Members also agree to use the cycle(s) in accordance to our conditions of membership

Our bike and equipment bank

Within our bike and equipment bank we have 5 standard and 2 electric bikes. We have bikes over a range of styles and sizes so there should be something there to suit your needs.

Bike Size Style
Trek 14.5 Inch Blue step through
Trek 16.5 Inch White step through
Trek 19.5 Inch Turquoise step through
Ridgeback 19 Inch Gents frame
Ridgeback 21 Inch Gents frame
Trek Electric 19 Inch Silver step through
Trek Electric 21 Inch Black step through

Our members also have access to a range of equipment for use when borrowing a bike. Equipment is borrowed at no extra cost and is solely available to ensure the enjoyment and safety of our members.

Bike tariffs

Both electric bikes and standard bikes are the same tariff.

Period of borrowPer hour Tariff  £2.00                            
Half Day (6 hours) £4.50
Full Day (12 hours) £7.00
One Week £21.00
Two Weeks (max period) 40.00

Fintry Cycle Mapping

More information to follow.