Electric Vehicle – Nissan Leaf


FEET car club piloted the inclusion of an electric vehicle (EV) within the fleet for two months starting in September 2012. FEET tested a Citroen C Zero, 100% electric vehicle courtesy of Citroen.  The vehicle was a small domestic 5 seat family car which had an approximate range of up to 80 miles. This two month project was such a success FDT worked to secure an EV within the fleet on a permanent basis. In 2013, FEET secured funding for an EV though ‘Developing Car Clubs Scotland EV programme’ a scheme administered by Car Plus. The scheme aimed to introduce EVs in to Scottish Car Club fleets.

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FEET car club was awarded a Nissan Leaf – 100% EV. It is a five seater family car with a range of up to 120 miles, and can re-charge from zero battery to full in just four hours.

Members induction

All members must go through an induction on how to borrow the EV before they can hire it. To arrange this please contact a member of staff.

Who can use the car?

If you wish to use our Nissan Leaf you have to become a member of FEET car club. To become a member you need to visit www.moorcar.co.uk and sign up as a Fintry member. Once you have completed the online registration process you will be required to meet with a FEET car club co-coordinator, who will introduce you to the cars.

Members can book the cars at a moments notice via our online booking system, using the username and password they create during the signup process.

Who can join?

FEET membership is open to everyone however our members must meet certain criteria: Our members must be over 21, and our upper age limit is 75. If you are over 75 a special application has to be made to our insurers. Our members must have two years driving experience.

Membership types

There are a range of membership types to suit your needs.

Membership type  Tariff
Household membership £60.00 per annum for the first individual and £30.00 for every additional individual
Short-term membership £20.00 for two months for the first individual and £10.00 for every additional individual
Organisation membership £60.00 per annum for the first individual, £30.00 for the second and every additional member if FREE.

 Please note we require an insurance deposit of £100 with each household membership. This deposit is returned upon termination of the membership.


Members have the freedom to hire the cars by the day or by the hour. The hourly rate starts at £2.50.  The hourly rate is charged in blocks of three hours, with the hourly rate getting cheaper until after 9 hours, the rest of the booking is charged at the day rate. The minimum charge period is one hour. After that you will be charged in half hour increments.

Per Mile       0p
Up to 6 hours       £2.50/hr
Up  to 9 hours      £2.20/hr
Up to 12 hours      £1.80/hr
Day Rate      £21.60

 Please note there is no mileage charge with the electric vehicle


The vehicle can re-charge from zero to full charge within four hours. It is recommended that all members re-charge the vehicle after use at the charging point at the Fintry Sports Club. If a member wishes to take the vehicle on a longer journey please make sure FDT staff are aware of your plans and we will do our best to ensure the vehicle is ready for you.

If you are taking the EV further afield please click here to view Greener Scotland’s Charge Point Map. Our Leaf is compatible with Domestic plug/socket Type G (BS 1363) and IEC 62196-2 type 2 charging points. These charging points will recharge the Leaf from zero battery to full in four hours.