FEET Casual Membership

Under FEETs casual membership you can borrow either the Mazda MPV or the Ford Fusion without paying an annual membership fee, or insurance deposit. All you pay for is your usage costs and the number of miles travelled – you don’t pay for fuel. You can now use the cars when you need them most and benefit from free fuel, free breakdown cover and free insurance, all with a clean, modern and comfortable car.

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Our casual membership is open to everyone, not just Fintry residents but also visitors to the community. Fintry Sports & Recreation Club members are entitle to reduced usage costs. The rates below are the same for the Mazda MPV and the Ford Fusion.

  FSRC Members rates Non-FSRC members rates 
Mileage Rate 0.21p per mile 0.21p per mile
6 hour day £16.00 £20.00
12 hour day £22.00 £26.00
Full Day Rate (24 hours) £26.00 £30.00

Who can join?

FEET membership is open to everyone however our members must meet certain criteria: Our members must be over 21, and our upper age limit is 75, if you are over 75 a special application has to be made to our insurers. Our members must have two years of driving experience.

By becoming a member you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions.

How do I join?

If you would like to take advantage of our casual membership please complete our Contract of Membership and return this to info@fintrydt.org.uk with a scanned copy of the front and back of your photo-card and your counterpart licence. For insurance purposes we also require proof of address ie a utility bill. Please allow a weeks notice prior to booking, to avoid disappointment.

Our car club co-ordinator will book you your chosen vehicle for the period requested. Payment will be taken via credit or debit card upon booking.

How to book?

You have three options here.

  • You can download a FEET car booking sheet from our website print it out and once completed return to us.
  • Alternatively you can pick up a FEET car booking sheet from our notice board that is located in the foyer of Fintry Sports and Recreation Club next to black FDT mail box, complete it and return it to us.
  • If none of the above suites you could e-mail or telephone us and we can help you with your booking.

At the start of your booking you will collect the keys and the vehicle from the Fintry Sports Club, Kippen Road, Fintry, Glasgow, G63 0YA. At the end of the booking you will return the vehicle to the Fintry Sports Club. The number of miles travelled and any additional booking period will be charged via debt or credit card.


Our members do not pay for fuel, instead our members are charged per mile traveled. Both our diesel cars are fitted with Allstar fuel cards. These are accepted at most major petrol stations.


FEET members are not required to purchase additional insurance. Fully comprehensive car insurance is provided with your membership.

Breakdown Cover

As an additional benefit, 24- hour road side assistance is included. In the unlikely event that anything should happen you simply need to call the number in the blue clip board kept within each car.

More information

To find out more please email info@fintrydt.org.uk or have a look at our frequently asked questions.

We look forward to welcoming you as a user of FEET car club.