Fintry’s Community Orchard

Fintry’s community orchard was first planted in 2011. Our young trees are planted around the periphery of the village playing fields. So far we have 40 trees made of a range of varieties of apple, plum, pear and damson. orchard tree 2Our Orchard is extended year on year and this year was no exception. In March 2013 the Fintry orchard was kindly donated a variety of fruit trees from Coffee Conscience in partnership with Commonwealth Orchards.

In November 2013 our orchard was extended further. Thanks to our community volunteers, volunteers from Balfron High School and Fintry Primary we recently planted a further 33 fruit trees – apple, pear and plumb. These trees directly extend our orchard in addition to replacing trees which unfortunately have not survived. In the years to come these trees will grow and provide a sustainable and local source of food for Fintry residents.

orchard maintenance

FDT regularly hosts orchard maintenance sessions and other orchard related workshops. If this is something that you would like to take part in or you would like to visit the Fintry Orchard please get in contact.

FDT would like to thank Commonwealth Orchards for their support and advice when planting our trees.

FDT would also like to thank the Forth Environment Link and the Central Scotland Green Network Development Fund 2013 for their support. The Forth Valley Orchard Initiative is funded by the Central Scotland Green Network Development Fund. The Central Scotland Green Network Orchard Grant Scheme 2013/2014, which is part of the initiative, covers the whole of the CSGN area.

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