FEET Car Club

FEET or Fintry Energy Efficient Transport is Fintry’s community car club. FEET was launched in June 2011 as mechanism of sustainable rural transport. Fintry has had no form of public transport for over ten years and as a result many households are two car families, the average is 1.4 cars. FEET provides these Fintry families the option to give up their unnecessary secondary car or even primary car in replacement for FEET membership and car usage.

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Why join a FEET?                   

FEET can directly offer its members a range of benefits which are only available with car club membership. Members can give up the hassle associated with owning a car; they no longer have to worry about expensive car garage bills and maintenance, they are free from constrains of car tax and high insurance costs. Members are even protected against the rising costs of fuel as each car is equipped with a fuel card – instead members pay a mileage cost. To top all these great benefits off members are even helping the environment by directly reducing their transport CO2 emissions.

How do I join?

To become a member you need to visit www.moorcar.co.uk and sign up as a Fintry member. Once you have completed the online registration process you will be require to meet with a FEET car club co-ordinator, who will introduce you to the cars.

Our members can book up to three months in advance or at a moments notice using our online booking process. You also record your journey using our in-car trip sheets.

By becoming a member you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions.

Who can join?

FEET membership is open to everyone however our members must meet certain criteria: Our members must be over 21, and our upper age limit is 75, if you are over 75 a special application has to be made to our insurers. Our members must have two years of driving experience.

Membership types

There are a range of membership types to suit your needs.

Membership type  Tariff
Household membership £60.00 per annum for the first individual and £30.00 for every additional individual
Short-term membership £20.00 for two months for the first individual and £10.00 for every additional individual
Organisation membership £60.00 per annum for the first individual, £30.00 for the second and every additional member if FREE.
Casual Membership Prices start from £16.00

For more information of our casual membership click here

Please note we require a insurance deposit of £100 with each households membership. This deposit is returned upon termination of the membership.


Members have the freedom to hire the cars by the day or by the hour. The hourly rate starts at £2.50.  The hourly rate is charged in blocks of three hours, with the hourly rate getting cheaper until after 9 hours, the rest of the booking is charged at the day rate. The minimum charge period is one hour. After that you will be charged in half hour increments.


Per Mile       0.12p
Up to 6 hours       £2.50/hr
Up  to 9 hours      £2.20/hr
Up to 12 hours      £1.80/hr
Day Rate      £21.60


Our members do not pay for fuel, instead our members are charged per mile traveled. Both our diesel cars are fitted with Allstar fuel cards. These are accepted at most major petrol stations.


FEET members are not required to purchase additional insurance. Fully comprehensive car insurance is provided with your membership. Please note our members are required to pay a £100 insurance deposit. This deposit is returned when the membership is terminated.

Breakdown Cover

As an additional benefit 24- hour road side assistance is included. In the unlikely event that anything should happen you simply need to call the number in the blue clip board.


If you are thinking about starting up a car club in your area then you should have a look at our FEET media pack. It will give you background to the FEET project and  a detailed description of the daily running of the car club. If this does not answer all your questions or you would like to visit FEET please do not hesitate to contact us.