Fintry Sports Club Biomass Boiler

In January 2012 the Fintry Sports & Recreation Club installed a 150kW Heizomat boiler in replacement of traditional oil heating.

SC boiler 1

This fully automated boiler is currently fuelled on wood chip – but it can also be fuelled by pellets and shavings. It supplies warm air to the bowling hall via a water to air heat exchanger, and hot water to radiators, taps and showers.


sc lounge Sc bowling hall

The installation was supported by Fintry Sports Club Members, Community Energy Scotland and FDT. The Sports Club now receive quarterly RHI payments to offset capital and running costs and to pay for future renovations. The Sports Club pays for fuel and maintenance on a pence per kilowatt-hour contract – supplied by a local company. This ensures that the Sports Club always has a supply of good quality wood chip and the boiler is working to optimum performance.

Wood chip deliverychip delivered2

This project has allowed the Sports Club to thrive. Instead of their heating system being an expensive burden, it now pays for itself and provides and income to ensure a sustainable future for this important community hub.